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IMAO Podcast #12 8-15-05

Note: Due to an error in editing down my Fun Facts material, former producer Scott cut out the line that I used as a callback during my epilogue. Here it is for reference:

"Idaho law forbids children from deliberately stepping on ants. The kids don't mind too much, however, since pistol-whipping them is still legal."

* Left-Wing Superheroes (Part 1)
* Introduction & sponsors
* Left-Wing Superheroes (Part 2)
* "World of Knowledge" w/ host Frank J: Aquaman
* Harvey: Fun Facts about Idaho Part 1
* Spacemonkey: My Superpower
* Harvey: Fun Facts about Idaho Part 2
* Right Wing Duck: My Superpower
* "Ask Ducky" with guest host Spacemonkey
* Laurence Simon: My Superpower
* SarahK: She Blonded Me With Science
* Harvey: My Superpower
* Laurence Simon's Crappy Bedtime Stories: The Tortoise and the Hare
* Frank J: My Superpower
* Buck the Marine: Batman
* Spacemonkey: American Monkey
* SarahK: My Superpower
* Left-Wing Superheroes (Part 3)
* SarahK reviews Toby Keith's Big Throwdown Tour #2
* Left-Wing Superheroes (Part 4)
* Frank: Conclusion

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