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IMAO Podcast #5 6-27-05

* Pre-introduction: How the IMAO Podcast is Made
* Introduction & sponsors
* The Story of Frank J.
* New reality show: Spin
* SarahK introduces herself
* Harvey: Fun Facts about California Part 1
* Frank J: PSA
* Harvey: Fun Facts about California Part 2
* All About Right Wing Duck
* Spacemonkey's hosts American Monkey: The Farm Report
* SarahK reviews her trip to the Kennedy Space Center
* Spacemonkey's bio
* "World of Knowledge" w/ host Frank J: Chemistry
* Everything you need to know about Kevin (aka CadetHappy)
* SarahK: Follow-up to Frank's PSA
* Who is Harvey?
* Laurence Simon's Crappy Bedtime Stories: Hansel & Gretel
* All about Scott (as told by the rest of the gang)
* Frank Discourse (Roundtable): Should Karl Rove apologize?
* Frank: Conclusion, listener email

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