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IMAO Podcast #7 7-11-05

* Pre-introduction: SarahK the CPA
* Introduction & sponsors
* The IMAO crew goes to Iraq (Part 1)
* Harvey: Fun Facts About Connecticut (Part 1)
* PSA: Driver Safety
* Harvey: Fun Facts About Connecticut (Part 2)
* SarahK: She Blonded Me with Science
* "World of Knowledge" w/ host Frank J: Ninjas
* Frank Discourse (Roundtable): Terrorism (root causes, group therapy as a solution), Are we in the End of Times?, the Dave Matthews concert, Greg Gutfield, How to pimp the blog on Rush Limbaugh's show, Frank & Sarah's wedding
* Frank: Conclusion, listener emails
* The IMAO crew goes to Iraq (Part 2)

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  • Post Racial John

    Now this was my favorite podcast because Frank sent me a free t-shirt to shove in my fat mouth. I asked him for a medium because I thought I would look great in it after I shaved off 10 pounds.

    As soon as I drop those 20 pounds I will start wearing that t-shirt.

    Only 30 pounds to go!

    Aug 18, 2010 at 10:53 pm