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* Fun Facts About Minnesota Part 1
* My Ideal Candidate
* Fun Facts About Minnesota Part 2
* A Christmas Tale
* What I'm Thankful For

Unfinished (ok, barely started) script: Fun Facts About Fun Facts About the 50 States:

* No animals were harmed during the making of Fun Facts About the 50 States. Except for my neighbor's yippy terrier, which died of a mysterious boot-related ailment.

* FFA50S typically consist of part truth, part exaggeration, and part hallucinogenic side effects from Prozac.

* A lot of people have written to report factual or logical errors contained in particular Fun Facts. These people should leave me alone and go back to stalking supermodels.

* Statistically speaking, my most overused reference is "Ted Kennedy", which just proves that there IS a silver lining to his inexplicably long political career.

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